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Total Rewards

CSi professionals assist you with both fundamental and state-of-the-art total rewards concepts and programs.  The key to making most compensation plans effective is a well prepared position description.  This forms the foundation for establishing internal and external equity.  It is also an important document from a legal perspective to assure that your organization is in complete compliance with FLSA, ADA and EEOC requirements, as well as with sound and professional compensation practices.

Our professionals are also expert at assisting you with developing annual and long-term incentives/bonuses that fit within your culture, adhere to your value systems and drive your strategic objectives.

We also believe that total rewards include the type, quality and cost of benefits you offer your staff.  These should be consistent with your value systems and culture.  In addition, they should meet the needs of your particular workforce.  We guide you towards determining the best mix of benefits to optimize your dollars spent.

Total rewards includes your staff's total work experience.  Therefore, our professionals look beyond salary and benefits to the full work experience you offer.  This is the foundation of our strong belief in a synchronized human resources system.

Total Rewards - 

  • Position Analysis
    • "Update" Questionnaires
    • Evaluaton and Internal Ranking
    • Legal & Quality Review of Descriptions
    • Position Evaluation
  • Base Salary
  • Benefits & Perquisites
  • Annual and Long-Term Incentive Programs
  • Standard or Special Compensation Studies

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